Top Tips for Becoming a Teachers Aide

Top Tips for becoming a Teacher Aide

Are you looking to find a position as a Teacher Aide? Here are my top tips for getting a school to call you!

Use a professional photo, optimize, proof read, English 2nd language,
Support your resume with recommendations, write to hiring managers,
Spending time and effort on your resume is crucial. Your resume is your individual opportunity for a strong first impression. If you do some research you will see what other hopeful teacher aides are sending out these days, the standard is very high. By spending time on this document you can do your utmost to be viewed on a level (or higher) playing field with the other hopefuls.
Keep your resume and cover letter short and sweet. Highlight key attributes that you feel you can bring to the school. Use a professional/friendly photograph of yourself. Use a template from the Internet.

picture of a teaching assistant working with children

Up Skill
Blue card
First Aid
Sign language

Put yourself out There
Go Online and check out a certificate IV Education Support or a Certificate III Education Support

Networking/Volunteer work, shadow work

Go easy on yourself

Be yourself, a prepared yourself, read up on the school the curriculum,

Reach out to Recruiters, schools

Think outside the Box
Remember it’s important to be willing to have an open mind when it comes to career progression. Don’t hold yourself back, or limit your prospective options. Yes you may dream of working in a primary school, however applying for and obtaining some hours in a high school might be the first step to work towards this. Don’t hold yourself back.

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